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Shenzhen Well-done Technology Co., Ltd.
(Well-done Commercial Co., Ltd.) is a professional HID lighting manufacturer, we focus on developing high-class ourdoor HID & LED lights for applying to auto & heavy duty vehicle. Our products have CE & RoHs certificate. We have over 8-year HID kit export experience and 3-year HID Work Lights,LED Work lights,HID Offroad Lights manufacture experience.

Our Vision

Be Globally Known Leading Auto Lighting
Supplier in the world's automotive industry!
Be Globally Known Leading Heavy Vehicle Lighting Manufacturer in the world’s heavy vehicle industry!

Our Mission

Stick to research and development
on xenon / LED lights
Supply only high quality products to customers
Offer just-in-time services to customers
Realize customers' expectation
Achieve the most satisfaction from customers

Our Faith

Be an innovative, energetic,
and disciplined team with dedication to professionalism
and commitment to customers
Professionalism makes
Well-done lights always the
most dependable auto lights
for customers
Honesty and Loyalty to customers reward us in
successful future growth

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