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OLEDONE LED work lights passed CISPR 25 / EN55025

6H60 work lights passed CISPR 25 / EN55025 Class 5 highest level standard certification

With the increase of the function of the vehicle, the function of the equipment is improved, and the electric power equipment is connected with each other in the three ways of electromagnetic conduction, electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic radiation. Under certain conditions, the equipment and personnel Causing interference, impact and other hazards.

The increasing importance of electromagnetic compatibility, the international requirements of the vehicle equipment to develop a corresponding limit standard requirements; which CISPR 25 / EN55025 vehicle radio interference included in the limit requirements.

CISPR 25 / EN55025 in the limits of the standard five levels, the higher the level, the more stringent the limits; the corresponding design company's technical level is a great test


The following is the CISPR 25 / EN55025 H.2.1 inside the subjective experience standards


By the standard can see the above level is a very important level of experience, will directly affect the feelings of the owner's experience; is like their own in the car to enjoy the fresh and happy mood, but found the car equipment issued a nuisance noise , So that they have a very tired of the emotions, more serious may affect their safe driving.

At present in the auto parts industry, the vast majority of enterprises through the standard is Class 3, the main reason is the general automotive electronics industry Class 3 above the standard is more difficult to do, power more than 30W LED products more difficult, the level of design requirements Higher, technical difficulty is a relatively high level of technology.


The company's 6H60 is a product through the 5 grade, the industry's highest grade requirements, the product power 40W 4300LM above brightness, rectangular light output, the perfect road effect, the test report is as follows

RE Test Report




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